Provestra Reviews

There must be some reason why some women over 35 outperform others when dealing with declining sex drive. This was my notion when I was in the verge of marital separation about a year ago. I knew I needed a female libido booster fast but I was too emotionally drained to find out for myself. Thankfully, a Filipino nurse colleague of mine came to the rescue.

You see, I was able to come up with a simple and straightforward technique to reverse low libido in women. It took me a whole year to finally come up with the right mix of easy to implement lifestyle changes but I tell you, it was well worth the time, effort and money I spent.

But before I'm going to tell you about my whole experience, let us be clear about the issue on whether or not women above the age of thirty five actually want more sex than younger women. This would seem like an obvious question but I was shocked when I found the answer myself.

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Gail Wyatt, a medical sex therapist in UCLA medical center, said that women above the age of thirty five are actually more interested in sex. This is the complete opposite to the stereotypical belief. She further adds that the further women progress in their lives, the more they would want to enjoy sex.

What I found troubling in her statement is that I experienced completely the opposite about a year ago; my career was going nowhere and I was in the verge of domestic separation.

This was my turning point in life. I knew I had to put a stop to it or all my efforts for my partner and my family will go down the drain. So, I researched the internet, blogs, sites, and print magazines for a desperate product solution but found nothing.

I did, however, found some ingredients that women from all over the world have been using for thousands of years to enhance their libido.

Here's what I learned:

Ginseng - Famous all over Asia for its medicinal properties and as a female sex drive enhancer.

Licorice root - Reduces female reproductive system decline and works perfectly for women above age 35.

Theobromine - The active ingredient in chocolates that act as female libido booster.

Ginger root - It acts as a female aphrodisiac and enhances the sensitivity of female sex organs.

In my case, I coupled this with simple lifestyle changes such as eating cereals for breakfast 3 days a week, a bi-weekly jog at a local park, and just cutting the fat off my diet. It's a very simple, yet effective female libido booster.

I often miss practicing these religiously so it took me more months to implement. Thankfully, a Filipino nurse colleague of mine introduced me to a supplement that she was taking. Luckily for me, it worked like a charm!

Today, I am still trying to follow the technique religiously but with the supplement, I was able to have a sustained sex drive. It's been a year now since I used these techniques and my husband is still very happy with the dramatic improvements!




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